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Where Do You Get Your PROTEIN On A Vegan Diet? | Dr Michael Greger of Nutritionfacts.org

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You are vegan? How do you get omega-3 fatty acids? Protein? Calcium Protein? Iodine Protein? Magnesium? Protein? Iron? Protein? Zinc? Vitamin D? Protein? B12? Protein? Protein? Let’s ask a doctor! Protein. Hi, I’m Emily from “BIte Size Vegan” and welcome you to a new video. I am looking forward to showing you this first video of a new series dealing with the most important nutrients in a vegan diet. The video series was created together with the wonderful Dr. Michael Gregory of “Nutritionfacts.org If your Dr Gregor does not know. He’s a doctor, author and internationally renowned expert on nutrition, food safety and health.

He is a licensed, practicing physician which Has specialized in medical nutritional sciences, he also provides “nutritionfact.org” with an inexpensive, yet free website, as well as a lot of videos and articles on the current topics of the nutritional sciences, and because this information is packed in short “bite-size” videos Of course, a great fan of it, so I would like to present vegan, veganism, but also people who have been vegan for a long time to present a video series dealing with the most common worries about the vegan diet : Protein Thank you Dr. Gregor for taking the time to take us to a balanced vegan diet. With pleasure! Ok, I thought we were starting with the most controversial topic in a vegan diet: protein. I thought you could tell something about how we get protein when we do not eat animal products.

Yes, it is really surprising that such a fuss is made about it. On average 42 gram of protein is needed. Meat eaters get an average of 75 g as well as vegans and vegetarians. In each diet, you get about 70% more protein than you need. You only need about g per kilogram of body weight. In a government study carried out every 13,000 people every year, it was found that only about 3% of the people in the US get too little protein, but the fact is that they do not generally eat enough. If you do not generally eat enough, you do not eat enough protein quickly. So when you do a very low calorie diet, you have to pay more attention to the nutrients. The ironic is that there is something of which 97% of Americans get too little, indeed even a lack: and these are dietary fibers The question is not, “How do you get proteins?” Should be “How do you get fiber?” Because 97% of people do not take the recommended minimum quantities. And this has consequences.

Because if you eat enough fiber you can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, as well as diabetes, overweight and hypertension. So we should think about how we get enough of it and not just the US but the entire industrialized world. And would you say that maybe some people should even think about eating too much protein instead of not enough? Eg when many animal products are eaten? It always depends on the source no matter what nutrient it is. Whether we talk about carbohydrates, fats or protein – it depends on exactly what it is. Carbohydrates are in lentils but also in sweets! Fat is found in vegetable oil, bog or walnuts. It depends primarily on what the source is. If you are fully fed you do not have to worry. However, if someone asks you where vegan protein is, you have to call the pods: beans, peas, chick peas, lentils. These things should be integrated into your daily diet because pods have a variety of great ingredients. But also whole grain nuts, seeds and much more has very high proportions of protein.

I nevertheless advise eating pods every day as they are so important to health. Many people concentrate very strongly on the protein although it is, as you said, actually no problem at all. It is interesting when you explain it to people and bends that there is really no reason to worry about it. I have often said, “if you have enough calories you get enough protein” Unless you eat only finished products. It is, of course, no protein in cotton candy. You can of course live vegan, eat enough calories and not take any protein to you – if you only feed on sweets. It is, of course, important to know that if you want to be a healthy plant-grower, you have to eat pancakes, of course! All natural, natural products are meant.

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