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The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

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Hi I am Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the four minute cardio workout for your heart. Four minute routine. We’re going to do twenty seconds of higher intensity, 10 seconds of recovery. Will do that two times through. Four exercises. We’re gonna start with fake jump rope. Ready and begin. So twenty seconds. We’re gonna varry the intensity. Four minutes of cardiovascular exercise, just kind of taking it up and bringing it down. Twenty seconds a little higher intensity, ten seconds down. So about ten more seconds. The recovery is going to be just jogging in place, nice and easy. Alright 3… 2… and excellent. Jogging in place. Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Now we’re gonna go to cross jacks. A little bit more difficult, taking it up a notch each time and let’s go. Cross jacks. 20 seconds. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Do what you can do. Taking your traditional jumping jack and making it a little more fun. Alright. You’ve got about ten more seconds then we’re going to run in place again.

Recover for ten then were gonna go to skaters. Great job, Elsa. Lisa, perfect. And recover. Nice and easy. Jog in place. Alright. Awesome. From here, going to skaters, and begin. Side to side. Now we add a little lateral movement in. Toning the legs a little bit. Burning calories. Burning fat. Four minutes nonstop. Just again playing around with that intensely. Making it fun. Twenty seconds of work at a higher intensity, ten seconds down. Four minutes total. And recover. Nice and easy. Great job. And we finish up with the most difficult – a burpee. You can do it. In 3… 2… and let’s go. Twenty seconds of burpees down, up, and you got it. Alright. This is exercise number four. We’re gonna do it all one more time through. Four minutes total, keeping that heart rate elevated. Great job. Great job at home. Do what you can do. You may take some breaks, you may jump back in, thats ok. Just stick with us. And recover. Great job. Set number one done. Set number two coming up. We’re gonna start back up when I tell you…3…2… Let’s go. Fake jump, fake jump rope. So again keeping moving, a little bit of variation, keeping that heart rate elevated, that’s what it’s all about.

And having fun. You’re having fun. You’re having fun. 10 more seconds.10 more seconds. Again, the faster you go the harder it will be. You get to decide how hard it is. And let’s go to jogging in place. Nice and easy. Great job. Jogging in place. And let’s go those cross jacks. Cross jacks. Have fun with this. It does not have to be perfect. You may do it a little differently than they do. That’s fine, just keep moving. Ten more seconds, half way there. We’re starting to work. It may not seem like a lot when you start, it will build on you. 5…4… great job 3…2… jog in place. Jog in place. Nice and easy. Awesome. Going to skaters, coming up. Skaters. Ready and begin. Lateral to the side, have fun with it. A little power skating here. Great job, great job. Twenty seconds, you’ve got about little over 10 seconds left. Great job. Five more seconds. One more break, one more exercise and your finished.

Awesome. And recover. Jogging nice and easy. Really really good job. Do what you can do at home. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to stick with it. Stick with us and I guarantee results. Burpess. You’re done. Let’s go. Twenty seconds, twenty seconds at home. Feel really good about yourself. Work hard. Challenge yourself, that’s how you change. Ten more seconds.

Let’s go a little faster. Little faster at home, finish strong. These are the ones that count. Last few reps. 3…2… and 1. Great job. And there you have it, the four minute cardio workout for your heart. Favorite this to get more fitness content and workouts just like this.

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