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Is An Excessive Amount Of Protein Bad For You,

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All About Absorption Knowing how your body absorbs nutrients can help you fuel Your workouts u2013 and your life.I usually get asked if consuming a diet plan that’s high in protein is safe. I have several relatives who’re in the medical industry, and every time they see me reaching for a protein shake we seem to obtain into the protein debate, but, is too much protein bad for you, Physicians argue that very high protein consumption can overburden the liver and kidneys. Whether or not this is accurate is heavily debated amongst the fitness and medical communities.

How do we determine if we’re taking an excessive amount of protein already, Should you ask people from the medical industry, they would say that you only need very small protein, about 1/3 of a gram per pound of body weight. However, diehard protein fanatics will most likely tell you to take 250 to 300 or much more grams of protein per day. Now, where does the truth lie, It might be somewhere in the middle.

The Straight Goods

The recent research performed by the sports nutrition industry showed that we need at the very least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight for muscle building or maintenance. Over the years, body builders have followed the 1-gram-per-pound of body weight rule. The suggested quantity of protein from the recent research is almost 1 gram.

The body building industry has long accepted the 1 gram per pound of body weight rule. Average people will tremendously benefit from this rule in obtaining an accurate estimation of the calorie required everyday. I trust this rule for myself, and why is this so, It is simply because they have been there and they have carried out that. They have the body figure that most of us want to attain, too. It makes sense to follow what these people do simply because we certainly see its effectiveness.

Excessive Protein Consumption

Nevertheless, you are able to by no means be too careful, so I wouldn’t suggest going on extremely high protein diets. A study was completed lately on the effects of protein consumption on muscle growth. When protein consumption was increased past the level of 1-gram-per-pound of body weight, although not increasing total calorie intake or quantity of physical exercise in the subject group, no further gains in muscle mass were noticed. Not only that, this excessive quantity of protein put a fantastic deal of stress on the body’s organs. This proves that consuming anything much more than 1-gram-per-pound of bodyweight is not only unnecessary, but unhealthy.


The only case where you need to certainly consume less than 1-gram-per-pound of bodyweight rule is for those who have liver or kidney disease or a history of it in the family, as a high intake of protein could be hazardous to an already unhealthy kidney or liver.


It is very best to often drink enough water when you are already consuming enough protein. Our kidneys process the protein that we consume and water is really essential for them to function properly. In the event you need much more information about the correct amount of water that we should drink every day, see this page about water.

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