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How To Perform At Your Best

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An F-15E Strike Eagle assigned to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C.,For health enthusiasts or physical trainers, especially athletes, they know fully-well the importance of being able to develop a person’s stamina and endurance. By having great stamina and endurance, a person can perform rigorous physical activities for longer periods of time without getting burnt out. It is amazing to see those who participate in wrestling tournaments and mixed martial arts program being able to keep up with those strenuous competition. Furthermore, one could only imagine how these professionals are able to sculpt their bodies like how you see them in television or advertisements. The thing though is that these individuals know for a fact that the best way to attain this goal is by going through circuit training.

Circuit training is one of the most popular training methods that physical trainers and health enthusiasts employ. By engaging in this activity, a person will be able to improve not only his or her stamina and endurance but also his cardio-respiratory fitness. Cardio-Respiratory fitness is all about developing your heart and lungs to prolonged rigorous exercises without getting stressed or without getting exhausted. So the more you engage into physical exercise, the more your heart and lungs get used to it and is able to adapt to the condition it is going through. Circuit training is a whole body exercise program where in it aims to develop not just the cardio-respiratory aspect of the body but as well as the muscles of the human body.

However, achieving results does not take overnight. It takes ample time and consistency. You cannot expect to improve your stamina and endurance just by doing it once in a week or once a day. It has to be done over and over again and by repeatedly doing it, your body will be able to adjust to it and become stronger. In addition to achieving remarkable stamina and endurance, circuit training also helps a person lose fat, stay healthy and lessen cardio-related illness.

There are numbers of circuits that you can perform to achieve best results. These can either one of the following; a whole-body training regimen, timed bodyweight circuit training or a whole body barbell or dumbbell circuit program. An example of a whole body training regimen would be doing twelve push-ups first, then without taking a rest, you follow it up by doing twelve chin-ups. After these, you have to perform twelve squat jumps. This is to develop and strengthen your thighs and calf muscles. Again, without resting, you have to follow through with a hand-stand push up twelve times and ultimately, twelve sit-ups and leg raises. Notice that these are repeated twelve times and without taking any rest in between.

The other method would be the timed bodyweight circuit training in which you repeatedly perform the above-mentioned exercises but the objective is to do as much of those activities within a given time period. An example would be repeatedly doing the exercises in a span of two minutes each. The third method would of course require the trainee to have dumbbells or barbells as he or she goes through the circuit. For best results, two body weight and two hand-held weight circuits should be enough. Moreover, you can also attain muscle strength through this system. One way of doing so is by making the exercise regimen a bit difficult to perform compared to the regular routine. Increasing the weights of dumbbells and barbells can greatly help a lot in achieving this.

Overall, each individual is free to experiment which circuit works best for him or her. Circuit training is applicable in one’s everyday life and can definitely keep someone healthy. It is not limited to sports enthusiasts or those who participate in physical sports like wrestling or mixed martial arts tournaments. Keep in mind that keeping yourself healthy should be a way of life.

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