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Health Benefits Of Aerobics

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1000+ ideas about Pe Lessons on Pinterest - Pe games ...Here are some health benefits zumba of aerobics. Read about the effects of aerobic exercise.
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Aerobic Exercise

Do you want to know what the key to stay healthy and happy is, It is an easy formula – all you need to do is indulge yourself in a regular physical activity and follow a balanced diet. One of the surefire ways to ensure fitness is aerobics. Termed as any long duration exercise of low, moderate to high intensity, aerobics makes use of the large muscle groups of the body such as legs, back, arms etc. These include walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, workout on treadmill and rowing machine. The duration of such exercise may extend from 20 minutes to one hour. You can do aerobic activities, regardless of your age. However, the intensity and duration of the exercises will depend upon your stamina and your age. Apart from ensuring physical fitness, a number of health benefits are associated with aerobics. Check out the following lines and read about the health benefits of aerobic exercises.

Health Benefits Of Aerobics
– Aerobics reduces the risk of chronic ailments including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke and certain types of cancer.
– It strengthens the heart, thereby making it stronger to pump blood more efficiently and circular the blood to all the parts of the body.
– The exercise improves the quality of life. You get more energy to live a healthy life, by performing aerobic exercises regularly.
– It plays a pivotal role in burning calories. Moreover, your body uses fats and sugars efficiently, thereby contributing to the process of weight loss.
– It reduces the symptoms of aging and illness. People feel more youthful, full of energy, when they perform the exercise.
– Aerobic exercise is the best bet for those, who want to quit addictions like alcohol and smoking, because it reduces a person’s craving for the habits.
– Aerobic strengthens the bones as well as the ligaments.
– The exercise is a great stress buster. It combats depression and raises one’s self-esteem and the level of confidence.
– It promotes a sense of well-being, because it makes the body release natural painkillers such as endorphins.
– Aerobic activity may make you feel tired and exhausted for a short duration. However, it increases your stamina, which is one of the long term positive effects of the activity.
– Since aerobic exercise increases your immune system, you will be less prone to minor viral infections such as cold and flu.
– Aerobic exercise such as walking is often associated with the reduced risk of osteoporosis.
– The high-density lipoprotein (HDL), known as good cholesterol, is given a boost by aerobic exercises. Moreover, the activity reduces your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or the bad cholesterol level.
– Aerobics reduces anxiety, depression and the level of tension, thereby promoting relaxation. It reduces mood swings as well.
– As you get older, your muscles and bones become weak, which reduce your mobility. Doing aerobics is a nice idea, because it keeps your muscles strong.

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise
Aerobic and anaerobic exercises form essential parts of a fitness regimen. Both contribute in maintaining overall health of the person doing them.

Aerobic Heart Rate
It is of extreme importance to know your target aerobic heart rate, so as to make sure that you are carrying out the right workout and that too in a proper manner.

Aerobic Kickboxing
Aerobic kickboxing is one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercises. It is highly beneficial for the health and is a great fun to perform.

Best Aerobic Shoes
Aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling, cardio boxing involve the swift movement of legs. While doing such exercises, you need to wear a comfortable pair of shoes, so that you perform the activities correctly, without putting strain on your body parts.

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