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How Much Vitamin D Should You Take?

“How much vitamin D should you take?” Controlled randomized clinical trials have found that vitamin D supplements extend the life span. What is the optimal dose? What is the longest living blood level? In my nine-part read more

How to Follow Nutrition Guidelines for Women’s Health

How to Follow Nutrition Guidelines for Women’s Health. Follow these nutritional guidelines for women to lower your risk of disease and cancer. You will need Diet rich in carbohydrates, calcium, and iron Knowledge of calorie read more

How To Add To Your Health – Fiber – Nutritionist

Today I’m going to talk about fiber! Hi, this is Nikki Golly with Fuel Your Body and today I want to talk about fiber because as a culture none of us eat near enough fiber. Did you know a woman should get 25 grams of read more

Can Pregnant Women Eat Honey

Are you pregnant and are you wondering if you can eat honey? We’re gonna talk about that in this video. So it’s said that it can be dangerous for babies to consume honey because of some bacteria; that it’s read more