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Cardiorespiratory endurance

Running Tips : How to Increase Lung Capacity for Running

Hi Les Whitley. I’d like to talk to you a little bit now about breathing and more importantly improving your lung capacity for running. A lot of this will actually happen by you improving not only the frequency of your

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15 Min Senior Workout – HASfit Exercise for Elderly – Seniors Exercises for Elderly – Seniors

This is my routine of 15 minutes for basic levels an excellent routine for older adults because it is low impact and sure we will mix the technique of gaining strength and conditioning at the same time a chair is necessary

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Strength Training vs. Cardio Training | Female Bodybuilding

Hey, my name is Erin and I’m a former U.S. Junior Olympic certified swim coach and personal trainer and fitness is my passion. So, I cannot wait to share it with you guys. A question that I often get is what is the difference

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The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

Hi I am Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is the four minute cardio workout for your heart. Four minute routine. We’re going to do twenty seconds of higher intensity, 10 seconds of recovery. Will do that two times

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