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Running Effects On Fat And Cholesterol

4 Ways Exercise Affects the Diabetic Body - Diabetics WeeklyRegular exercise helps you control the amount of fat in your body and may promote healthy cholesterol levels. An article on KVAL.com reports that social stress may promote obesity and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Stress read more

Incredible Benefits Of Including Cardio Workouts To Your Daily Exercise Regimen

Friday: MUSCULAR/CARDIO ENDURANCE - AGOGE CrossFit Woodinville“Should I add cardio workouts to my exercise routine,” It is the question I get asked very often from people coming to my fitness center in Colorado Springs. My answer to them is, yes! Cardio workouts include movements read more

Benefits Of A Jump Rope Workout

Acupuncture chart from Hua Shou (fl. 1340s, Yuan Dynasty). This image from Shi si jing fa hui (Expression of the Fourteen Meridians).The benefits of jumping rope include increased cardiovascular health, weight loss and entertainment. Learn how jumping rope can help you stay fit.

Jump roping dates back to early human history, when the Egyptians used to read more

Tips On How To Prevent Snoring

This is the best plan for a home workout, with FREE WEEKENDS and no Equipment!The point that snoring is very common, most people have become accustomed or have become used to this condition.

It is brought on by loose dangling tissues that stop the normal air passage within the throat. Such things read more