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Best 10 Ways To Gain Maximal Muscle

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2 Best Exercises For Removing Calcium DepositsKeep the concentric (lifting) portion of any exercise at a fast rate. This part should not be screwed with. If you want to slow down the exercise, go ahead and play with the eccentric (lowering) or isometric (holding) portion of an exercise.

2. The number of reps dictates the effect of training. Greater gains in maximal strength is trained with lower reps (1-4), while greater gains in muscular and strength endurance is gained with higher reps (6 and above). Muscle mass is gained at either range.

3. Repetitions and sets have to be changed more than the actual exercises. Exercises do not need that much change to yield great gains in most people. It is the reps. So change them up.

4. The muscles need to be overloaded to grow. This is the making of hypertrophy. Muscles are pushed beyond exhaustion. The muscle is later recovered to be bigger and stronger than before.

5. The rep range for hypertrophy is generally between five and twelve. This range should dominate your training for muscle mass. Use other rep ranges sparingly.

6. Max effort for max results. This goes back to the overload principle. If your muscles are not faced with a load that causes maximal effort to get to the required reps, your muscles will not grow. Effort dictates the training effect.

7. Multiple sets are better for higher rates of strength increase. HIT is great for young and new trainees, but not for experienced lifters. Multiple sets will always be superior fro maximal muscle growth.

8. Sets should not out do reps. In other words, if you can not reach the rep range you are supposed to do, or if you are falling short according to your last workout (of the same muscle group), do not do another set. The reps must be upheld over sets. If you can not complete the reps, your body is most likely telling you your nervous system is burned out and you need to rest.

9. Train hard and recover well. There are many methods to recover from a workout. At the very least you should be doing the minimal. Make sure you are getting at least six hours of sleep and at least one night of eight or more a week. Make sure you are eating enough calories to maintain muscle. If you at least do this, you are on the right track.

10. Eat like you want to grow. Eat whole food sources as much as possible. Follow the guide in my article How to Eat 101 for help.

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